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IT-ROI’s XOG client (Beta version) for Clarity PPM is now available.

  On June 19th, 2014

XOG Bridge (XB3 beta) provides a user friendly web interface that interacts with CA’s Clarity PPM via XOG. This allows end users to paste XML files to a browser text field (similar to Clarity’s web based XOG client), or upload zip files to perform batch file processing.

>>Start using IT-ROI’s XOG client for Clarity PPM.

The desktop version of XOG Bridge (XB3) is available for download via the main web interface version of the tool, once you register, you will have access to the download link.

Clarity PPM: Troubleshooting BOXI Integration

  On July 18th, 2014

The worst thing with troubleshooting Clarity PPM is that it may end up taking your whole day. Recently we faced a similar situation with the business objects and Clarity integration, if you ever face this situation below, here are some tips that may save you a headache and a couple of hours:

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Instalacion schema en Oracle para Clarity PPM version 13

  On July 18th, 2014

Si una vez seguidos los pasos para la instalación del backup de Oracle presenta errores extraños en la aplicación Clarity, sugiero lo siguiente para corregir el problema.

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Columna Virtual Gantt for Clarity PPM version 13

  On July 18th, 2014

Portlets con columnas virtuales de tipo Gantt usualmente pueden ocasionar errores al momento de navegar en el Gantt, estos errores no alancanzan a llegar al servidor por lo cual no son reportados en los logs de Clarity version 13.

Para ahorrarnos estas líneas de código y tiempos de procesamiento de maquina se puede hacer uso de linq en objetos DataTable,

El error se resuelve definiendo un numero de periodos para el campo virtual.


CA Clarity Integration – a client’s perspective

  On July 10th, 2014

Being that IT-ROI Solutions is an industry leader and trusted CA certified integration provider for Clarity PPM, I am always looking for a more concise way to communicate value and function of our Clarity integration products and Clarity integration services.

At IT-ROI Solutions our mission is to make PPM simpler. In order facilitate this, it has to start with clear messaging premised on “less is more” design so you the enterprise can get the meaningful information that you need faster that raise less questions going forward as the sales cycle begins.

So to the point. During a demo yesterday with a client who wants to implement our Integration Bridge or IB3 for their Clarity implementation, they described the product like this in their own words “So it’s all about Configuration and not Development, all our Clarity integrations that we need will be a snap”. I immediately wrote this down – “IB3 Configuration not Development” and asked if I can use that with upmost enthusiasm that made the demo a complete success all around in my opinion.

So Folks, IT-ROI may just have a new tagline for IB3:

What do you think? I welcome all comments.



Issues in Clarity PPM when converting an Idea to a project via custom process

  On July 3rd, 2014

I was running into the INSUFFICIENT_RIGHTS issue while implementing a custom process leveraging the ootb functionality to convert an idea to a project (no template).

I was using Clarity 13.3. I checked several references but they didn’t help me to resolve the issue.

The error message in the log:

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Home Page is not loading and user get Blank page without Menu

  On July 3rd, 2014

Lately I’ve been working with a customer where most of the users normally customize their home page, a big group of them pointed it towards a portlet page that was recently removed.

Soon they started reporting a Blank Page or an application error when logging in. We then realized in some cases that portlet pages may not get deleted gracefully and therefore users must manually reset their home page.

To complete such an action, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Clarity with User Administration permissions
  • Navigate to Administration -> Resource Page
  • Click on the following button: