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Business Analytics for CA Clarity PPM – new PowerData 360 video

  On September 23rd, 2014

Attention all PPMers. Check out our new promo video for CA Clarity, all about business analytics for PPM. “So simple, even a goldfish can do it”

Our Clarity PPM analytics solution confronts and overcomes your top business challenges. Businesses are eager to obtain better analytical capabilities that secure an immediate ROI. Powerdata 360 allows companies to better manage their integrated PPM data to support better decision making so your organization can be more successful.

Learn more about our business analytics solution for CA Clarity PPM. 

Check out the replay video of our recent webinar on how to create PPM reports that are so simple, even Execs or Goldfish can build them.

Clarity PPM productivity tools: PPM Excel Interface – 100% automated XOG technology.

  On September 17th, 2014

It’s all about versatility when it comes to Clarity PPM data extraction and loading via IT-ROI’s automated XOG technology.

When it comes to Clarity PPM interfaces and integration to drive the performance of Clarity PPM and the productivity of your PPM users, our PPM Excel Interface is the clear winner to get the job done. Don’t take our word for it, ask the numerous fortune 500 companies who use the PPM Excel Interface on a daily basis.

To demonstrate the versatility of our Clarity PPM productivity tool, we will host a live Clarity PPM v13 demo and show you how to mass update Clarity PPM project data in a fraction of the time that you are used to.  

The webinar is taking place on Tuesday, September 30th at 11:00 AM PDT.

What is the Clarity PPM Excel Interface?

The PPM Excel Interface is built for CA Clarity specifically and is designed to facilitate traditional web based (XOG) manipulation through a familiar data entry platform – Microsoft Excel.  The interface enables PPM users to extract data in Clarity directly into an Excel spreadsheet, thus allowing mass editing and loading of that Clarity PPM data inclusive of edits back into Clarity, all with the click of a few buttons.

Clarity PPM Excel Interface

•  No limit to what data can be loaded/retrieved.
•  Dramatically increase Clarity PPM user adoption rates.
•  Flexible, intuitive, customizable and configurable.

CA Clarity configuration nightmares: lost NSA configuration or database invalid.

  On September 11th, 2014

Out in the wild when modifying/upgrading/installing/configuring NSA or Clarity config files you may end on quite the situation, out of nowhere one of the following issues can occur:

  • NSA configuration is lost and you may receive a label indicating properties are invalid.
    This issue is common when an admin presses more than once the save button in NSA or if during save any tripwire or AV software rejects the operation.

    If you go to your properties file it will be empty, and therefore our best recommendation is either restore from a previous backup or query the settings from the cmn_config table.

  • Another issue that may occur is that your application won’t start and the DB will be in an invalid state.

    The first thing to do is check the DB has not suffered any changes or integrity issues. Proceed to test the configuration from NSA, preferably using a query tool to make sure the credentials haven’t changed or expired. After confirming all of the above, if the issue still persists go into NIKU_ROOT/config/version.properties. If the file is empty or does not match your current version go ahead and contact CA Support as this file is used to validate the database current version against the application’s current one.


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IT-ROI Clarity PPM experts

How does ideation work for CA Clarity PPM?

  On September 11th, 2014

Idea management for Clarity PPM doesn’t have to be complicated. Ideation for Clarity PPM works best when managed in a collaborative, thought provoked environment via our SharePoint connector for Clarity PPM.

Join our upcoming webinar for a more in-depth look at ideation for Clarity PPM.

The below info-graphic shows how our integrated SharePoint solution for Clarity PPM ideation works:

ideaBoss - ideation info-graphic for Clarity PPM


Ideation for Clarity PPM works best when used for the following approaches:

  • Align PPM strategies with resources. Maximize your capacity to drive innovation.
  • Amplify the voice of your customer throughout your offerings.
  • Attain a complete picture of “what’s hot and what’s not”.
  • Exponentially extend the reach of brainstorming across the global enterprise and marketplace.
  • Objectively measure market and demand management to ensure you deliver high value offerings.
  • Ensure ideas can be evaluated against strategy, resources, and cost.


Gantt virtual field navigation in a portlet not keeping filter results in CA Clarity PPM version 13.3

  On August 31st, 2014

In a Clarity PPM v13.3 environment we created a custom grid portlet based on the Project Object and configured a Gantt virtual field to show project start and finish dates along with baseline start and finish dates.When applying the filtering criteria including a specific OBS unit the results were pulled correctly, but they disappeared when navigating left or right in the Gantt virtual field timeline.

This was confirmed as a Clarity bug coded as CLRT-75423 –  Results disappears after click on TSV left/right

The workaround is to click the Filter button again to make the results re-appear.


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IT-ROI Clarity PPM experts

Error “ODF-0101: No object found” after deleting sub object that has virtual attribute that reference an attribute of the master object

  On August 29th, 2014

Hello PPMers,

Here is a CA Clarity tutorial that you may find useful:

Error “ODF-0101: No object found” after deleting sub object that has virtual attribute that reference an attribute of the master object

 Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a sub-object of the investment object
  2. Add an attribute to the investment object
  3. Go to the sub-object and create a virtual field that references the attribute you just created on the investment object
  4. Place this virtual field on the edit page of your sub-object save and publish the views
  5. Now delete the sub-object you created
  6. Go to Project or ideas, product, or other work page

Expected Result:
The Project or ideas, product, or other work Page displays without error.

Actual Result:
Error ODF-0101: No object found.


Restart service. The investments will be available again

This issue is documented as CLRT-72844 and is in review with development

Link to the original article.


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IT-ROI Clarity PPM experts