The great things that you can do when CA PPM is integrated with SharePoint – Webinar replay video.

  On October 21st, 2014

If you missed the webinar, then that means you missed the exclusive offer Christopher Claunch forced us into. We’re serious, check out the video and let’s make this happen.

PPM Boss suite

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CA PPM: Security error when adding a resource in Project, Team, Staff Page or adding a project to Resource, Allocation page.

  On November 20th, 2014

When adding a resource in Project > Team > Staff Page or adding a project to Resource > Allocation page, if the user selects the checkbox for one or more project or resource that is already listed before clicking ‘Add’, an error is thrown in the UI: “One or more resources could not be added. Possibly due to security”

The same issue arises also when you try to add a project to a resource’s Allocation Tab, after selecting one or more projects that is already added to the resource.

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CA PPM – Timesheets filter: Auto-suggest for the OBS Unit field never returns any OBS Units.

  On November 20th, 2014

Description: In the CA PPM Timesheets filter, the Auto-suggest feature will never return any OBS Units. It will always read “No results match” instead.

Products: CA PPM, CA Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager

Releases: CA PPM: Release:13.1


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Innovation Roadmap 2015 – PPM studioBoss and XOG Query Bridge featured at CA World 14′

  On November 9th, 2014

Our  business short-term and long-term goals with our current and emerging PPM technology solutions to help meet those goals have never been more exciting for us and everyone in the PPM universe.

The  Goal: to make PPM simpler. See Christopher Claunch`s  epiphany at a recent PPM summit, and see the Video.

Clarity PPM studio via sharepoint

PPM studioBoss for CA PPM

Release date: April, 15 2015

Allows enterprise wide visibility of all your CA PPM data via SharePoint. You select what data you want to make bi-directional with CA PPM, then configure and personalize to fit your needs using a platform everyone is more familiar with.

Inspiration and Exclusive offer:
Watch the 4 min video clip taken from our recent webinar on the PPM Boss suite – the great things SharePoint can do for CA PPM.  Exclusive enterprise offer at Min 2:15

XB3 – XOG Bridge will soon be called XQ-XOG Query Bridge

ca ppm xog query

Release date: Re-released with Query Bridge included in the web interface – Available now

The same functionality XOG Bridge offers CA Clarity PPM is still available, but now we just re-released the XOG solution for CA PPM with Query Bridge, and we are calling it for the time being  - XQ-XOG Query Bridge.

Automated NSQL queries for CA Clarity PPM.


CA PPM v13.3 – Odd behavior that allows to hide fields without a default value

  On October 2nd, 2014

There is a strange CA-PPM Studio behavior that allows to hide fields without a default value. It looks like some kind of non controlled action. It may happen as follows:

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Business Analytics for CA Clarity PPM – new PowerData 360 video

  On September 23rd, 2014

Attention all PPMers. Check out our new promo video for CA Clarity, all about business analytics for PPM. “So simple, even a goldfish can do it”

Our Clarity PPM analytics solution confronts and overcomes your top business challenges. Businesses are eager to obtain better analytical capabilities that secure an immediate ROI. Powerdata 360 allows companies to better manage their integrated PPM data to support better decision making so your organization can be more successful.

Learn more about our business analytics solution for CA Clarity PPM. 

Check out the replay video of our recent webinar on how to create PPM reports that are so simple, even Execs or Goldfish can build them.